What to Expect at a Home Inspection

Related imageAt your home inspection you can expect to spend about ninety minutes to two hours, depending on the size and condition of the home. You may want to bring something to do! Your inspector will climb into the crawlspace, roof, attic, and checking every outlet for polarity and function. Home inspections are thorough and can seem tedious, but of course that is what you want! Your inspector will provide a full report with photos, as well as categories for anything he/she finds within 24 hours or less.

A home inspection is paid for at the time it is completed. The average home inspection costs $250-$550 depending on the extra options. For example, you can get a termite test if the home is on a crawl or had wood siding. You can add a Radon Gas test if the home has a basement.

Here are a few things that are important to ask at your home inspection and pay attention to while you are there:

  1. Ask where the main water shut off valve is, and gas (if applicable). You’ll want to be able to find this in a hurry if you ever have a leak.
  2. Make sure your inspector opens all the windows.
  3. Ask your inspector to peak into the dishwasher to be sure it drained all the water out once the cycle finishes.
  4. Peak under the rugs, and at the walls behind sofas and large bed frames. Do not move any furniture, but use your phone flash light to make sure there are no hidden holes in the walls, or damaged flooring under rugs.

I recommend bringing something to take notes on, wearing comfortable shoes appropriate for the weather, and bring a book for the down-time while your inspector is in places you may not want to follow him to. Remember, your home inspection is meant to find every possible little flaw in a home. Do not let a lengthy inspection report intimidate you. Many items that are flagged on a home inspection are minor issues or general maintenance.

As always, I am here to answer questions and concerns before, after and during your inspection process. Once we get the report, we will review it together and define which items (if any) are major defects and which are not.

Happy Inspecting!

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